On Second Thoughts

Volume 1, essays
5" x 8"
pages: 302
Published by RukBooks September 8, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0615867274
ISBN-10: 0615867278
Smashwords Epub ISBN: 978-1301733774

Trade Paperback: $11.99

All e-Pub versions: $2.99
About "On Second Thoughts"
A former newspaper columnist and publisher continued his print column, "On Second Thoughts," into the digital age. Inside are fifty "essays" from his weekly e-column.

Ranging in topics from the death in Iraq of a local boy to a valentine to his father, to ruminations about social upheavals and to second thoughts on using words when, Bechtel gives life a quirky second look. Fit for the bathroom!

Bechtel, a former newspaper publisher and weekly columnist, continued taking oblique looks at things most people took for granted or accepted at face value, and he came up with what he called the "unthoughted."

In this book Bechtel explores topics ranging from the impact of a local soldier's death in Iraq on the town he lived in to the Occupy Wall Street fiasco, to the differences between "May" and "Can", and certainly to the comic behaviors of politicians trying to appeal to a public that would never find them appealing without the clown show.

Opinionated, for sure, but thoughtful, thought-provoking, humorous at times and heart wrenching at times.

As the author himself states, these essays -- which are short and therefore easy to read in the bathroom in one sitting. He has dedicated his life, his intelligence and his pen to the proposition that everything is worthy of a second thought. Join him in "Thinking the Unthoughted."