A Hole in the Water

Book one of six
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
pages: 238
Published by RukBooks
ISBN-13: 978-0615863955
ISBN-10: 0615863957
Smashwords Epub ISBN: 978-1301695843

Trade Paperback: $12.95

All e-Pub versions: $3.99
About "A Hole in the Water"
Meet Drew Nolan, reluctant detective.

"A Hole in the Water" is the first of six books in a series about a former cop turned Charter Boat captain living in Key Largo. What he wants is to be a bum, away from it all. What he winds up is a guy who finds himself too often in the middle of other people's messes.

He tells his stories with ironic humor and a bit of self-deprecation.

Vacationing with an old High School flame on his charter boat in the Caribbean, Nolan sets his hook into something he wishes he hadn't.

The floating bag of stink hauls him into deeper and deeper waters until there's nowhere to go but down.

Drew gets dragged from his home port in Key Largo to up the Florida Coast and into a crummy marina, then out to a posh resort on the island of Bimini, then across the Caribbean to the south Texas coast, then to a Colombian resort island where possibly, just possibly, the drug cartel won't notice him.

Introducing his girlfriend June, smart, sassy and sexy. There's his Rich-As-Croesus brother-in-law, Watt, and his poor as dirt first mate Wiley.

As for people wanting his more than roughed up, there's the dapper lawyer for the drug lords, Lawrence, a mysterious and too all-knowing Ghost who keeps telling him to mind his own business, and more than enough people banging him on the head.

There's Cordell Rapp, wannabee fishing king, gotta be smuggler, has to be killer whose partner it was that found himself on Captain Nolan's hook.

Oh yeah, let's not forget Charlotte Rapp, the woman with the champagne-colored hair. She's the weasel Rapp's svelte and abandoned wife who joins Captain Nolan for a cruise he won't soon forget.
An Amazon customer review:
5.0 out of 5 stars
By Darlene, on July 6, 2013
This is a great mystery series. I am on book 4 and loving it. Cannot figure out who did it. Drew takes it in stride. He does have some adventures not of his own designs. LOL But His first mate Wiley helps him through it all. The author does a good job of keeping the readers guessing. I would recommend the whole series. 5 and 6 to be on the way soon. Yeah! If you get them out of order it is not bad as the author does bring you up to date on some of the relationships between each character.