On occasion, the Writing Tip Lady not only utters sometimes incomprehensible bits of advice, she demands that I, the humble sub sub assistant, write them down.
I suppose they may be of some value to some other than myself.
None sees the Pyramids who waits for them to arrive Paris is never Paris Do not let your presence interfere with your life Only the sane knows madness If you cannot kill with kindness, try indifference
Elegance is simplicity at work An excuse defines one's ineptitude Dear boy, if time travel was possible, it already would have happened. It takes sense to make sense Man invented both the plow and the hammock
Wondering leads to wandering when wondering is not enough. Motivation and Destination: Can't have one without the other. Art is a conversation, not a competition Learning improves living Charity begins and ends at your fingertips
Grief is anguish well dressed He who hesitates gets good at it Learning how to write well is no harder than, and only takes as long as, memorizing all of the streets of Calcutta Write Talking, not talk Writing The hardest task in writing a novel is starting after you started
Making something simple is not simple, but making something complicated is. It's a lonely person who only speaks the truth Things change slowly where change is not constant Condemnation cuts twice The only way to honor thy Father and thy Mother is to improve upon what they brought to the party
The only Witch Doctor without secrets is a dead Witch Doctor One can live in the foothills of possibilities, but the king reigns on the mountain top Failure is an assessment by those who made no attempt Characters without character, good or bad, are dead upon arrival If you don't know where you're going, you can't get there
A silent mouth frees an ambitious mind, but imprisons all others Don't be a coward, but don't be a fool Be full wary of a man who must dress a woman, and twice more wary of a woman who must dress a man. Wherever you go, there you are Should stupidity & arrogance fail you, there's always science
Learning improves living During traumatic change we exist in first and third person Know thyself to die laughing Everyone believes himself more moral than his society An excuse defines one's ineptitude